Thursday, September 27, 2007

What I did on my "summer vacation" aka things I accomplished from bed!

-You can spend a ton of money shopping on the internet! It's not as satisfying as the stores, but it's pretty close. I have birthday gifts bought for the next few months and found an awesome awesome awesome gift for Mr. Man. I'm not sure I can wait two months to give it to him.

-Did not change a diaper for 15 days for the first time in 4 years.

-Planned our upcoming trip to Paris. Two vacation plans... one with kids, one without. Departure date... unknown, but hopefully in the next year. Either way, I'm going to this place.

-Ordered and recieved the last piece for my bedroom. A gorgeous dresser from some friends who have a small furniture company. The prices are amazing, and the piece I recieved is beautiful. I will post a pic later. Email if you want the company website.

-Had a moment of silence for TK's sexy SUV, gave her suggestions to pimp her new ride.

-Worked on my 100 things to do in a lifetime list. I can't figure out if I need to put some things that I already did which were very cool...

-Have 100 lists of things to do, 1000 ideas for house decorating ideas, a 5 year plan, and a wealth of well intended ideas from the 164 magazines I perused. Yes.. I am keeping count!

-Watched almost every Japanese Game show on YouTube . I'll have to post my favorite in a minute.

- Driving 5 miles a day is impossible. It's not enough to get to Nordstroms or Target... *gasp*

-I have an incredible support group of friends and an amazing husband. Things have not "piled up" while I've been out. Things have been handled, addressed, and resolved. It's weird to not have a huge pile in my inbox. Today, I had nothing to do, except play with Nathan.

-Pain is good, it reminds you that healing is taking place. I don't have pain all the time, and quickly forget to be careful, to slow down, and keep going too far!

-There is always help available... whether it's the neighbor who comes over each Thursday to take the garbage out, or the neighbor who comes over to empty the dishwasher and do the laundry. My client prior to surgery, told me, insisted "Wendy, take all the help offered, don't hesistate to ask for it, don't be shy" She told me some personal experiences and made me pinky swear. She is hilarious, and more than a client, a fabulous friend. She was right.

-When AK grows out of her current shoe collection, I can not restrain myself and just buy an everyday pair of shoes, and a sunday shoe.

-Listen to your body... Went out for my first little outing, to a lovely party for some dear friends. 20 minutes in, I'm exhausted ready to go home.


Davis Family said...

Hey Wendy - I found you via Carly Streiff. So - i'd love the furniture web site. I'm constantly looking, but unfortunately rarely buying. It was good to see you at church yesterday - i'm glad you're starting to feel normal again!

laura said...

glad you are getting somewhat back to normal. glad you got some fun stuff accomplished and planned while you were out of commission!

miss you!