Monday, February 18, 2008

Farewell Dishwasher....

This dishwasher... *sigh* it has been a blessing and the bain of our existence. I have mixed emotions as I bid it farewell. Part of me says, "Good Riddance", the other part of me wants to say "Thank you, dear old sweet gal, for running well beyond your use, and running on faith rather than proper mechanics".

Those lovely slate floors you see in the kitchen, are one of my favorite aspects of this house. Gorgeous Floors. However, the people who owned the house previously, didn't really follow the Home Depot How To manual on how to do things. They wanted a new floor, so they put one down. Right on top of the old floor, and well.. tiling in all the appliances. The stove we could get out... no problem. The dishwasher... Noooo... that thing was stuck. We either rip out the floor or the counters to get it out. We love the floors, and the counters I hated, so we decided to put in new counters when the dishwasher died. Almost a year and a half ago, it died. We got bids on new counters, and then magically the dishwasher started working again. We put it off, because between tax season, and the constant doc appointments I didn't have the time to pull it together. Finally, I was ready, only to find out my surgery was going to cost an arm and a leg (well not literally). The dishwasher rattled and hummed along, so we put it all on hold until the bills came in, and I felt better. The latter took a lot longer than I thought it would... I'm still a bit bitter about my lung infection. Over the years, the door started to fall apart, so we duct taped it together. In the last year, the door latch failed and you had to pull, shimmy, and tug downwards at the same time with both hands to open the door.

Two years ago, the soap dispenser stopped working, and you had to set a timer for 23 minutes and add the soap into it manually. Then there was the stupid paneling that would fall off every 10th time you opened the door. The last time I ran the dishwasher, the door did this during the cycle. I swear it's mocking me with that crooked grin.

So, when Mr. Man asked me... why are you splurging on a dishwasher in a house that we aren't going to stay in.... I looked at him... and said.. "23 FLIPPING MINUTES for 2 FLIPPING YEARS" He quietly handed the nice appliance man the credit card, and said, "When can you deliver the fancy dishwasher."

There are things we live with each day, that we just put up with, rather than fix. Oooo... that could apply to so much more than just our homes.

Would you like a sneak peek of the progress?


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, awwwww! Brushed stainless steel!

Did you rent a fancy car of just a rent-a-wreck?

I can't tell what kind of counter that is???


qwendykay said...

It's Granite..

Haven't rented a car yet, was just kind of hoping you'd come on out and visit with your rental :) The cocoon is available!

christina said...

There are not many times I'm glad to live in an apartment, but this is one for sure. It goes like this...(ah hem), "MAINTENANCE!"

Jamie said...

It's looking great, Wendy. You now have an ode to the old dishwasher so you can look back and reminisce whenever you feel like it.

Your 23 minute story reminded me of the button they had to push in that hatch during Season 2 of Lost. Every 108 minutes.