Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Phew... ahead of schedule!

I would like to pretend that it is because I'm a Superstar that we are finished ahead of schedule. In reality, things just lined right up and fell into place. The workmen all went home on Tuesday, and I was left with a hefty to-do list to finish things off.

The Kitchen is Done!
After: Notice new hardware, faucet, appliances, counters, and the cabinets have been polished and in some cases refinished.

I learned some valuable lessons along the way.
1. Cookies taste MUCH better from a new oven that has the perfect temp!
2. Don't schedule workmen on Saturday. It's too stressful for the whole family... (ahem.. Mr. Man) I don't have a picture of Mr. Man stressed, so a picture of AK who fell asleep standing up will have to do. 3. I'm incredibly grateful for my dad who put some hard labor into the plumbing after a tearful panicked phone call.
4. My Dad is far too popular in this house to work alone.
5. Nana was helpful too... as was Grandma who had a "Super Mega Ultra Sleepover" for Nathan. (Nathan's terminology, not mine)
Other shots to come... the deal I made myself was that I couldn't take pics until the room was scrubbed clean. Kitchen done... Bathroom and Bedrooms to go!

Then, just because....I saw these cute Sandwich Cutters at Target, and have LOVED them. We ate almost strictly sandwiches for a week. However, cut into Dino Shapes or Hearts, the kids LOVED them!


stacy said...

I want a kitchen and cool cookie cutters. I bet they don't have those cookie cutters in Wisconsin!

Beth said...

I love it, Wendy! It's gorgeous!!
And your counters look similar to mine from a distance. If you're slow to clean up like I am sometimes, you'll appreciate the fact that they hide dirt really well. ;)

laura said...

i LOVE it!! so excited for you! looks like you had a lot of help - that is great. i'm glad it's over! ;)

Jamie said...

It's beautiful! I've never heard of anyone finishing something like this early before. Way to go!

christina said...

hooray for your family to have a complete home! I'm so glad to hear Mr.Boy has no regrets about eating 1/2 a batch of raw cookie dough, nor would I. And that you were able to make the dough in you ~NEW~ kitchen!

Bidelia said...

Well said.