Monday, August 18, 2008

Boo Boo Visits..

Why oh WHY do I continue to torture myself by living in this ridiculous house that is so obviously not a commune for myself and the Ya Ya's. I love all my friends... I do.. I promise... and I will blog about each and every one of you at some point. The great thing about the Ya Ya's is that we have all grown and changed together... we've been young and newly married, new moms, moms to whiney toddlers, and school aged parents together. The best part, we have kids who are roughly the same age, so there usually a petit playmate for everyone... such as these girls...
Oh wait, actually they are a year apart... but the age difference doesn't seem to matter which is fabulous. They share a common love of movies and blankies. One thing they don't share is verbal skills. Little E was reciting off the history of the 19th Amendment to me during dinner and was practicing her oral test for her doctorate degree right after quiet time. Little E has a HUGE personality and is crazy brilliant. The Wii and the waterslide were a big hit with the other kids. Mr. Boy still asks when his "other brothers" are coming back. Bob's boys are known as Mr. Boys "almost brothers". I swear I barely saw Mr. Boy the entire day, he was too busy having the time of his life.
One of the best things was being able to talk to Booboo in the flesh and hear her words of encouragement as I try and figure some things out. She was brutally honest and one of the things she said has profoundly impacted me. Thanks Booboo!!

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Brooke said...

We had a great time - thanks again for everything. I'm a little nervous about being referred to as "brutally honest" - ha! You'll have to email me and remind me what I said- Yikes!!