Monday, January 26, 2009

Birthday List

My friend Booboo has a friend who makes list for her birthday of things she wants to accomplishin the upcoming year. Booboo stole that idea, and thanks to the freedom of information of the worldwide interwebs I'm stealing it from Booboo.

And yes.. it actually is my birthday today. 32 years old. The best was having Mr. Boy run out of his room yelling "Happy Birthday Mommy!"

1. Take my kids hiking. (Is that cheating, because we just did that! On the other hand it makes me feel great to cross one thing off my list.)

2. Take Mr. Boy on an Airplane ride

3. MOVE... or should I just amend that to say.... have Mr. Man home every night...if that means moving, great, I'm game.

4. Find pillows for the living room.

5. Paint the family room "Vanilla"

6. Watch the entire Planet Earth series

7. Be on a gameshow

8. Get a bike and teach Nathan to love his.

9. Run more often

10. Go an entire day without saying, "This is not a trash can, clean up the mess please."

11. Go away with Mr. Man for a weekend.

12. Get a pedicure. (I've never had one... manicure yes..pedicure no.)

13. Maintain my eyebrows and haircut. (Yep admitting to the world, these are not my natural brows, imagine some 7 times thicker and larger)

14. Take Mr. Man up on his promise to help me pick out a pair of Manolo's

15. Get Mr. Boy reading and loving it.

16. Help AK learn all her letters and colors.

17. Write a thank you note to the kid's birth parents.

18. Take the kids on an honest to goodness vacation.

19. Get my iPod all hooked up with sweet playlist and get the kids iPod set up in their room.

20. Host an awesome girls night at my house.

21. Learn to bake bread

22. Attend my friend Laura's spin class, and not die during class so as not to embarass her.

23. Have playdates for my kids at least twice a month.

24. Figure out Lego Star Wars for the Wii

25. Surprise Mr. Man with a fun themed dinner dates like I used to do. (I had a toga night, even the dogs wore togas!)

26. Write gratitude notes to the good people in my life, and at send one to two of my high school teachers.

27. Buy Mr. Man a fabulous outfit, and while I'm at it.. one for me.

28. Get family portraits taken

29. Plant a Clementine Tree

30. Dress up for Halloween

31. Learn Photoshop

32. Actually embrace and enjoy my birthday!


stacy said...

So many things to say about your list and not sure where to start. I'll just say this: Lego Star Wars were the death of me. Fun to put together but oh so time consuming and I think I'm still a little ADD. Oh, and once you start, you can't stop. Just bring Nathan here to play with ours!

Mary said...


Brooke said...

Great list, Wendy. I loved your ideas...I wish I could plant a clementine tree!!! I'm totally in for a pedicure...let's go do it next girl's weekend !:)

Megan said...

Wendy I was thinking of you yesterday. I also thought I would remind you that you have already done #7 or I thought you had on "The Family Feud(spelling?)" maybe I am wrong.. but Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a good one.