Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Partying like a Rock Star

My brother, is an honest to goodness Rock Star. He is a very talented musician and I'm so proud of him. He stayed at Chateau du la Francaise for a few days while on official Rock Star business. Even though he threw me off the bunk bed when I was little and constantly threatened to give me a swirlie, I love him deeply. He was the person I ran to when life got obscenely complicated. He was the one who let me hang out with his college friends when I was an awkward teen, which showed me that high school would eventually end, and in college I would be able to make friends with people who shared my same ideals. To this day he still introduces me as his "baby sister" or "little sister", something that used to bother me, but now I see it as endearing and protective. And my favorite, he made sure I always got to dance up front during his concerts.

*flashback* One time at one of my brother's shows, I was dancing up front and this girl kept bumping into me and giving me dirty looks. She kept trying to push me over into the corner. Oooo I was getting mighty ticked, "no one puts baby sister in the corner". After the show, my brother introduced "obnoxious dancing encroacher girl" to me as his girlfriend. That relationship didn't last long. *end flashback*
Along with sharing many physical traits, we both share a passion for Barbeque. So we shopped at the local natural market and grilled up some fabulous food. My brother is the only person I have let touch my Silver Sexy Beast of a BBQ other than myself. Let me just tell you, my dear sweet internet.... that was the best meal I have had in a LONG time. I have a long list of things I want to do this year with my family. One of them is taking the kids on hikes. The weather has been phenomenol, so we decided to tackle the challenge, grateful for my brother's extra pair of hands. It was beautiful and something the kids are begging to do again. I love this pic with the snow capped moutains in the distance. Along with AK wearing a ski hat looking so carefree. And this dog was in heaven, her ears all perked up like when she was a puppy. There was a spring in her step that masked her aging hips. Ah, yes the men in my life! I am so lucky!!


Brooke said...

Cool - I wish I had a rock star in the family. For now I guess I'll have to be content with Rock Band :) And props on the hiking - I'm impressed!

Davis Family said...

JOshua's comment. "oh is that a cute picture of wendy and her... oh that's not a cute picture, that's FIRE!"

Mary said...

Brothers are the best! Is this the bro that knows my ex-Beavis?