Monday, March 29, 2010

Chalet Appreciation: La Toilette

Mr. Man and I have never really been blessed with large bathrooms. Every single house we have lived in has had a teeny tiny bathroom with lovely pedastal sinks. Beautiful, but so impractical when it is your only bathroom. We've gotten good at using fewer items to primp, so that it all fits in the medicine cabinet. It's the reason why Mr. Man and I are not so glam... there has never been any room for the products! Enter in the le petits and we were always scrambling for space.Outside that window is nothing but hillside. I love the view, and love that I was able to watch this the other day while shampooing my hair. Hello Rupert!! I also love this curvy tub. I find it amazing that my very favorite faux sister has the same bathtub in her house... 1000 miles away from me. This bathroom has the original tile and I love it all. I hope to reglaze the tub, change the floor... it's got some major wear, and possibly the medicine cabinet. Also, the cabinets don't stay closed, and it drives my OCD side completely batty. It's a lovely 1950's bathroom and it will make the perfect kids bathroom after we finish up the remodel.


Laura said...

The dogs love it too!

Cimblog (tm) said...

As long as the dogs approve, you're good!

Mary said...

I am so coveting your blue tile. That is rad.

And I love our twinner tubs.

I want to steal Rupert. Pemberley has no deer. No deer. :(