Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gro Boy, Gro!

It's planting time at Chalet du Francais. Gardening is a bit tricky at the chalet, we have to be wary of Rupert's growing appetite, the other deer, and the rabbits. I've never had to deal with wildlife. We decided to try a few different options with some raised and hanging planters. Everyone was pitching in with the planting. I was using some of this potting mix, which amoung the soil contains fertilizer balls that are released over time.
Mr. Boy walked over to me and said, "What are these?" showing me a handful of fertilizer balls, he has handpicked out of the soil.
Moi: Oh, those are fertilizer balls.
Mr. Boy: What happens if you eat them?
Moi: They are poison, so please don't eat them.
Mr. Boy: *brow furrowed* Oh.
Everyone carrys on and several minutes pass.
Mr. Boy: Mom, what happens if you eat five.
Moi: Um did you eat five?
Mr. Boy: Uh... well.. I accidentally ate one.
Moi: You will probably be fine, but don't eat more. Maybe I should check the bag.
Mr. Boy: So maybe... I accidentally ate two... or four.
The story came out, he ate 5 fertilizer balls and then I was on the phone with my pals over at Poison Control.. is this the 3rd or 4th time I've called? I've fogotten. Here is what I do know, I am making a list of things he has eaten that are not food. When it's time to go to prom, I'm going to sit down his prospective lady friend and say, "Ok, you need to steer clear of marbles, rocks, legos, and fertilizer balls, because he eats them." Maybe I'll safety pin a little note inside of Mr. Boys tux jacket with Poison Control's phone number... just in case. At this rate, we will probably on a first name basis with the Poison Control folks by then.


Cimblog (tm) said...

He's going to be 6 ft tall by Monday!

Laura said...

So, what did poison control say???

Mary said...

That boy definitely has some Rupert in him.

Sunshine and Shadows said...

Your story made me laugh. I enjoy your blog. You write well.

Patty Girl said...

I think we've all called poison crontol a surprising number of times. My question is why eat five when the first one was probably disgusting. Boys minds just don't make sense to me. At least everything was ok!