Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Chalet Appreciation: Master Bedroom

Nous dormons et faisons des choses vilaines dans ici aka The Master Bedroom First off, this house is ridiculously small. So all my pictures are horrid, forgive me. This is one of my favorite rooms. It's bigger than any other master bedroom we've had. I love that little chair in the corner. I sit there and read every evening. This room is an oasis from the chaos. I was going to do window coverings, but in the end, we love the light in this room, love waking up to sun poking over the hillside. Underneath our bed is every framed picture we own except for one. I wanted to wait until after the addition to hang our pictures. Walls are going to be moved and windows added everywhere. In fact in this room, the window over our bed will be gone. There will be two windows on either side of the bed. Also, do you see that ugly window air conditioner over the dresser... that will be gone and that will be where the door to our new master bath will be! A bath all of my own with white subway tile. I cannot wait! This is my inspiration for the new bathroom. And while this view is not exciting to the naked eye, can you see that there are TWO closets.TWO GLORIOUS CLOSETS! Thus ending 80% of the feuds between Mr. Man & I, which involved sharing a closet and my shoes encroaching his space. His and Her closets! Pure Bliss, no wonder I love this room so much.


Cimblog (tm) said...

aaaaaaaaah...his and hers closets. What's better than that?

Mary said...

Ha! Our shared brain has done it again. I posted inspiration photos for my master bath reno today, too.

His and Hers closets make me want to dance.

Anonymous said...

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