Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Earth Day Revolution

Last Earth Day we had the opportunity to take the kids to a store where they traded in empty plastic bottles for a toy. I thought it would be a good idea to teach the kids about not being wasteful. Even better, we just walked around the parking lot of the mall to gather the empty water bottles, picking up what others had tossed on the ground. Litterbugs are one of my pet peeves. The kids watched a short video that showed plastic water bottles being turned into toys, the kids were fascinated. It started an obsession with recycling. I took them to the recycle center where they got to pop the bottles and cans in a cool machine and out popped money. That sealed the deal, the kids think that recycling is the greatest thing on the planet. (Although AK cried and couldn't figure out why toys didn't pop out instead.) Soon my office, the neighbors, and Ross's office started to contribute to the kids recycling project. It has turned my car into a giant trash can, at any given moment my trunk is full of bottles and cans. I feel like a hillbilly with all those cans rattling while I drive around town. Even worse I live on a hill, and one time a bag rolled out the back and I had to chase 30 errant water bottles down the street.
All this so my kids can earn roughly $0.85. Happy Earth Day!


Laura said...

My dad always used to pick up aluminum cans on his walks. This was back in the day before everyone became aware of the fact you could recycle stuff for $0.85 per ton of crap. Anyway, he was forever picking up beer cans and tossing them in the trunk of the car. Going to church on Sundays was a thrill -- you never knew who was going to see our trunk full of contraband. Good times.

Mary said...

With 12 people in this house (8 kids) we go throw a ridiculous amount of milk. So, when I finally get around to going to the recycling center the entire back of my minivan is jammed full of milk jugs. And I open the back and they fall out everywhere. And people look at me like I'm a freakshow.

wholarmor said...

I take the kids to the recycling center often. We don't have a cool machine that pops out money for plastic, but when we drank lots of soda, we would take the cans in for money. The kids enjoyed getting that little extra, and I appreciated the help sorting the recycling into the different bins.

We celebrated Earth Day in a fun way. It's on my blog.