Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Little Brother

We LOVE Mr. Uncle around here. He is technically Mr. Man's brother, making him my in law, but I've known him more than half his life, so I just call him my brother.
A few weeks before moving to the Chalet, Mr. Man called up Mr. Uncle and said, "HELP!" Mr. Uncle moved into the Chateau, because that's what brothers do. We put him to work and we could not have done this move without him. He worked on a bunch of stuff that had been on Mr. Man's to do list. In between projects, he took time to toss the kids in the air. Of all the hard work Mr. Uncle did, this is my very favorite project. Apparently Mr. Uncle, fearing for the safety of the new residents at Chateau du la Francais, built a bomb shelter.
Maybe it's actually a sprinkler cover, but this thing is ridiculously heavy. We let Mr. Uncle go to town and make whatever he envisioned. $200 of materials and 3 coats of paint we were ready to move it into place. Mr. Uncle went to move it into place and we heard the dreaded words of "Uh Oh". We wandered out to see what was going on. We all tried lifting this beast and fell over. It was so obnoxiously heavy. We started to chuckle and soon it turned into hysterical laughter, where we had tears streaming down our faces. It was the best laugh I'd had the entire year.
Thank you Mr. Uncle*.
PS Mr. Uncle is an ambitious guy... ahem who is single.. just in case you know someone. Also, he has like 14 companies, hence the links, because I owe him in a big way, like $50 Billion dollars, my firstborn, and a new bomb shelter for all the free help he gave us.

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