Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chalet du Francais Appreciation Day: Le Salon

I think I start every single one of these post with the phrase: This house is ridiculously small, excuse the horrid pictures, by now it should go without saying. This is what you see when you walk in the door of Chalet du Francais. The living room/family room/dining room/breakfast nook is very plain jane and currently houses all the random pieces of furniture waiting a new space. I love these big old windows, it kills me that they are going to be torn out. Check out the piano which came to us via my pal Laura via the Clean House Garage Sale. It's a Wurlitzer Player Piano, and every day it serenades us. I LOVE it, and love Laura for bringing it to my house. I am forever indebted to her. That piano is hiding a terrible secret, the world's most boring fireplace. Psst.. also check out the lovely hardwood floors... which are not that lovely once you see them in person, that will be fixed in the summer. When I first met the chalet, it was filled with all this amazing mid-century furniture. We actually asked for some of the furniture to stay, and they happily agreed. Behind the couch is an old record cabinet which makes for fantastic toy storage. I fell in love with this table from the moment I laid eyes on it and Mr. Man & Mr. Boy saw the China Cabinet as the perfect Lego Cabinet. There's my old revamped armoire, which looks very out of place in this room now. This table is ridiculously awesome, and in amazing condition. It has these hidden leaves which pull out to transform it into a table for 10 or 12. I've never actually pulled them all the way out. I foresee lots of big meals here with family and friends. This room is the center of activity right now, it's the main gathering space. In a few weeks, this room will be the more formal area and literally in the center of the house. I'm gonna miss those bright and sunny windows.

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Mary said...

I LOVE that table and chairs. And what a gorgeous view out of your windows!

I can't wait to see the transformation.