Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mr.Old Man

Shortly after midnight I snapped a picture of my favorite old man. He turned 40 today. We spent the eve of his Geriatric years out with some fabulous friends. We joked that at midnight, his body would fall apart, and he would wake with aches and pains. Soon, he'd be able to predict the weather with his "bad knee". While getting up from a seat that night, he tweaked his back. It was hysterical, and oh how I mocked him. But in all honesty, men just get better with age. I love him, and I hope he lives for 100 more years.
I also snapped a pic of our sweet dog after midnight, it is her birthday too. Sandy has outlived all expectations and is just too dang stubborn to die. She is the eternal dog with more than 9 lives. This dog has officically been "2 weeks from death" for over a year. My brother said that when it comes time to put Sandy down, they are going to inject her. She will lie down and close her eyes, then just when we think she is taking her last breath she will pop up as if to say, "Ha! I fooled you, you can't kill me!" And she will immediately do something naughty like eat my wedding ring... again, then carry on for 10 more years. Man, I love this spunky dog. In the afternoon we opened presents, and Mr. Man was surprised to recieve a book full of Birthday Wishes and memories from his friends and family. Mr. Boy gave him a Lego Book & Star Wars Mugs. I gave Mr. Man the ultimate gift! Lip Massage-ing Chapstick. Truthfully, Mr. Man is hard to shop for. I tried to plan a surprise party, but do to the proximity of Thanksgiving, it just wasn't working out. AK was so ridiculously excited about her gift. A chocolate fish that says, "Merry Fishmas" on it. She thought that was hysterical and could be found muttering around the house all weekend, "Merry Fishmas" and then laughing out loud at the joke.
This dog was spoiled all day by the family. She got In-n-Out for dinner and cuddled with all day. I found on the internet this awesome place that does Slot Car Races on Saturday afternoon and it was local! Mr. Man loved Slot Car's when he was little, so I thought this would be perfect. We jumped in the car... But apparently, it went out of business. Dang it! Mr. Man thought it was a ploy to get him out of the house for a surprise party, but Surprise! There was no party. Shhh... I'm planning on doing one in the summer. Won't he be surprised!

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Julee... said...

Oh my gosh! Scrolling through the photos, I thought the one of you and your husband was the cutest picture ever...until I got to the one of your doggy's nose! Equally as adorably cute!