Friday, January 07, 2011

What I did on my Christmas Vacation

My family got together for a couple days of togetherness.  The cousins had a blast.
 My brother would make the perfect captain on Deadliest Catch. He lived in Alaska for a summer and worked in the Salmon Fishing Industry.  He is one of my favorite people on the planet.
Anyone got any spare miracles laying around to lend me?  My mom is withering away right before my eyes. She's still a total babe and if I could describe my mom in one word it would be: Vibrant.
 A visit to the beach refreshes the soul, relaxes the mind, and reminds me that things are going to be okay.  
 All of a sudden strep hit Mr. Boy. 
And next thing you know we are at an Urgent Care Center, where a doctor who was younger than me administered to Mr. Boy. I suddenly felt ridiculously old when I looked at him and blurted out,  "Dude.. how old are you?" Because only older folks say things like that... minus the Dude part.
 Mr. Boy rebounded after some antibiotics and a seriously long nap.

I love being the aunt to these guys.   My favorite moment of the week was sitting in a homemade fort with my kids, my niece & nephews.  I taught them all how to make convincing fart noises with their mouths.  It's one of my secret talents and now I passed it on to them.  Only cool aunts teach you these sort of things. 
These guys are total buddies, and I love that they are best friends.  My only complaint is we live too far from one another. 
New Years came and went.  We went to Uncle Mike's for the annual New Years Eve gathering to watch the Rose Parade Floats line up.  Mr. Boy insisted once we got home that he wanted to stay up until midnight. 
He didn't make it, but we took pictures to prove we let him party with us. 
Dear 2011, What do you have in store for us?  Can I have a sneak peek?  And please do be kind to us.
Love, W
PS Do you prefer to be called Twenty-Eleven or Two Thousand Eleven? 


Mary said...

Twenty Eleven, for sure.

I'm so sorry about your mom. ((HUGS))

Cimblog (tm) said...

Two Thousand Eleven!

Brooke said...

Good Stuff.

Vivi said...

Uaau! I love your blog, you have a very nice family, I will soon have a son, called iker. Want to know?

Greetings from Spain

gena said...

Here for the first time and so enjoyed my visit. You have a beautiful family and a wonderful wit !

gena (aka lavender on 2 Peas)