Monday, January 31, 2011

Chalet Appreciation: Mr. Boy's Room

Mr. Boy's room has been a work in progress for a year now. Finally, there is some semblance of order and a plan taking place. Originally, AK shared the space, and as the construction moved forward, their room became multi functional. This room and the den next door were not radically altered with the exception of new windows during the construction. Which meant this room was getting crammed with more and more stuff as the construction reached it's peak. Mr. Boy wanted a Star Wars room and I happily obliged, or it might have been the other way around.

For the art, I framed pictures of him in his Halloween Costume.  Every year we take the kids to get a professional picture in their Halloween Costume at the place in the mall.  I am not a fan of studio shots, preferring more candid shots, but Mr. Boy loves these. I also have some of Mr. Boy with AK in a Princess Leia Costume but he insists on a "No Girls Allowed" policy for his room.  
His room is definitely not "done".  Underneath that "Larger than Life" picture of Mr. Boy with his cousin (a gift from my dad), will go his new desk.  While not new, it came with the house, along with that awesome Midcentury Modern dresser.
Mr. Boy loves his bunk beds, and deemed the bottom one for guests, and the top one for him.  The sheets are Pottery Barn and an exact replica of the ones my brothers had when I was little. Why do kids insist on putting stickers on furniture?  Every evening I scrape off one sticker while tucking him into bed.  Have your kids discovered the Evil Vile Build-a-Bear yet?  Mr. Boy just attended a lavish birthday party where that was one of the events.  All Mr. Boy talks about is wanting to go to Build a Bear and building another Star Wars Bear.  It's as though the stuff those bears with Crack. The outfit the bear is wearing cost more than the last outfit I bought Mr. Man. 
Have you noticed the "Lego Shelf" yet?   It's the one thing I knew this room needed when we first bought the house.  The Juans made it and it is the perfect spot for displaying Mr. Man's Mr. Boys Star Wars Lego Collection.  The collection is also known as: Reason #3 why Mr. Boy needs to earn a scholarship for college.  "Look kid, we can't pay for college, but didn't your Dad you have fun building all those Lego sets?"
Mr. Boy loves his room, it's the perfect place for storing Legos and Relaxipants.  I love the clean look, although I'm tempted to paint the walls grey.  What do you think?  


Mary said...

I love the Lego shelf!

And I think the walls would look great grey.

Elisa said...

I'm so glad there's a new generation loving Star Wars. (I myself am from the original 1977 Star Wars generation). If there had been a build a bear Leaia when i was a kid, I would have been in heaven.