Monday, March 28, 2011

An assortment...

Tax season is here, which means that I am pushed to my limit for time.  Then to complicate matters, of course I over scheduled everyone for the spring.  Mr. Boy has Baseball...
 which he is fantastic at.  This was taken just after he scored his first run. 
Even Mr. Man is joining in the fun down on the field helping out with some sideline coaching.
It's not all roses at our house , though.   I mean check out AK, she is preparing for a radiation cloud... or actually she is just showing off her recent injury.  You can't see it?  See how her right index finger is kind of poking straight down...  on that finger is... *are you sitting down?*  a hangnail!  AK has a flair for the dramatics, which works out well since we live in the Entertainment Capital of the World. 
 Other than AK's debilitating hangnail, she has exciting stuff going on. After dinkering around with some kiddie dance classes for the last few years, AK is in a ballet class for "super serious mega star ballerina's."  She loves it and leaps around the house in a leotard 7 days a week.    
Is it April 15th yet?  I'm ready to kick back for some R&R. Bora Bora anyone?  Or perhaps just a week hanging with Rupert out by the pool?  Whose with me?


... said...

Your children are simply adorable! And we need new pictures of Rupert!

The Family Stone said...

What a precious family you have! I have a drama queen at my house too, and hang nails and "meany means" (aka splinters) often require bandaids and slings and such!

Mary said...

I'm looking forward to April 15th, too, because I have deluded myself that I will give birth on that day. So, do you mind if I use your pool to do that? We could make a party out of it.

Heather Johnson said...

What a great way to spend the morning, reading through a number of your posts. "Denial, not just a river in Egypt" has the tears flowing. So touching.
I held my grandfathers hand two years ago as he passed away, and there is nothing that can prepare you for that moment. On top of that, what a kind sentiment to the hospice workers.
Crossing my fingers that April 15th gets here quick.

Happy Thursday.