Sunday, March 06, 2011

Mr. Man's Vacation

Catching up... from a few weeks ago.
It's no secret Mr. Man works very hard.  He works long hours and takes phone calls at all hours.  I'm grateful for his diligence and ambition because it provides a lovely life and fantastic roof over our heads.  One year ago, Mr. Man's dear friend and colleague, Mr. P passed away suddenly at work from a heart attack. It was a horrible, traumatic, ordeal.  Mr. Man rarely takes a vacation, and when he does it's almost always cut short.   So this year, he scheduled a week off during the one year anniversary of his friend's passing as a way to honor his friend, who worked too hard.  What does one do with a week off?

Mr. Man took his lovely wife out to a swanky lunch and then took a picture outside next to the garbage can to document the occasion.
Mr. Man also played Mr. Mom while I ran out to be with my mom.   For this I am very grateful. While I was away, Mr. Man got to know the UPS man, and got a feel for just how much I love Amazon Prime.  I'm not kidding when I say, I'm about two orders away from an Intervention. 
Mr. Man also learned that Mr. Boy has inherited his mother's online shopping addiction and knows how to order clothes from his favorite online store without anyone's help! Thankfully, he only ordered two pairs of Relaxipants (tm).  
Mr. Man also arranged for a first class outing to the LA Zoo for us.  To celebrate, I didn't do my hair and I decided to put on the worlds ugliest baggy sweater.  Besides seeing the new elephant exhibit,
 we saw the giraffe's up close,

and admired the Flamingos.  When I was 4, I visited the LA Zoo, and the only thing I remember from that trip was seeing the Flamingos and my dad saying, "This is the same spot they filmed the opening credits for "Three's Company"  Suzanne Somers stood right here and pretended to be a Flamingo."
This bear popped out only to nudge his salad back into his cave.  He wasn't feeling very social, I have a feeling if you tried to "friend" him on Facebook, he'd say No Thanks.
Oh, did I mention that our guide for the day was none other than Jack Hanna
Actually, he was there filming his show.  I grew up watching him on Mutual Of Omaha, and love his bits with my boyfriend, David Letterman. Surprisingly, my limp hair and horrid sweater didn't repulse Jack from spending some time with us. Mr. Man had no idea who Jack was, but just went along with it, which is pretty much standard procedure  for going anywhere with me.

The rest of Mr. Man's vacation... was pretty uneventful, which for Mr. Man, is just how he likes it.


... said...

Your man sounds an awful lot like mine. But he didn't know who Jack Hanna was???? How is that possible?

Brooke said...

Good for you guys. For the record, Jack Hanna always seems WAY TOO HIGH STRUNG to be hanging out with animals all the time. He seems terrified of them half the time. It cracks me up.

Pam said...

That is so wonderful that your Mr. Man took time off. My hubby was like that and never, ever took a vacation. He got disabled and they (his bosses) never even sent a card! He found out the hard way. But he still keeps in touch with his co-workers.
Seeing that tower of Amazon boxes may have scared your Mr. Man. But as I remind mine, "But I saved you a bunch of money!"lol! Love the pic with Jack Hanna! How cool is that?

Davis Family said...

I'm impressed with your kids ordering skills. did he get the right size?