Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patricks Day Tradition

Mr. Boy is Super Mega Irish, and we met his beloved birthmom on Saint Patrick's Day, eight years ago.  I can't help but celebrate the day in Mr. Boy's honor.  AK has some Irish blood and so does Mr. Man, so it's a day worth celebrating.  Every year the kids look forward the mischievous leprechauns who visit and make mischief.  This year they left cookies for breakfast among their footprints. 
 Their footprints were everywhere.
We made a leprechaun trap which was a bowl of Lucky Charms with sticky blue tape in the bottom to make their feet stick. The leprechauns write all over the place and wrote on the bowl, "It's a trap, the boy must be Irish!"
 They even drew on the window with one of my favorite items of all time.  Crayola Window Markers! Look even the Chalet is festive for the holiday with it's green fence! 
Those pesky leprechauns turned our milk green...
 and stole our bowls, leaving tiny mutant green ones behind.
 Then the leprechauns switched all the cereals around.  We thought we were pouring Lucky Charms and out pops Cheerios.   Oooo that made the kids so mad, they get Lucky Charms one day a year, but we finally found it in the Organic Hemp Flax Oatmeal Wheatie Granola Cereal Box that we gag down eat the rest of the year.
The Juans were a little baffled by our festivities, but after the kids chased them around the yard trying to pinch them, they quickly adopted the holiday and sported a green hammer and green handled pliers. 
 Happy St. Patricks Day, may the luck of the Irish follow you all year long.


Anonymous said...

Man, you are a fun Mom! I wish I had been half as imaginative. BTW, what are the "fun" plans for AK on her first date? Swapping out her real date for the class nerd? Paying the Mariachi band to play a foot from the table all.night.long. :-D

Oh, I really want one of those calendars.


Hillary said...

Awesome! I can't wait to hear about April Fool's around your house (no pressure ;)

Swimtaxi said...

Super cute idea for your children.

Katie said...

At barely 3 my little one doesn't really get the concept of St Patty's Day just yet. I can't wait until she's at a point where we can have this kind of celebration though. Looks so fun!!