Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

I often tease my children that Mother's Day is the "Most Glorious Day of the Year!" and usually sing it Oprah Style.  I woke up to find the kids had been fed and made me breakfast!  A banana, orange, apple, and my beloved Vanilla Coke Zero. These kids know me well.  I thought it was genius and loved it.  Mr. Man made a Cajun Feast for lunch just like the kind he used to make when we were dating.  Mr. Man lured me into Matrimony with his cooking skills that disappeared after we exchanged vows. It's okay, I think downplayed just how quirky my personality was, so let's just call it even.
I am grateful to share Mother's Day with this lovely Doe, we have named Jane.  Get it... Jane Doe! Jane has been sticking around our house with her gorgeous new baby. that we have named Juan!  She won't let me get close enough to photograph the baby, but when she is snacking on her own, she doesn't seem to mind being close.   

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MIndy Smith said...

I thought of you yesterday and wondered how you were doing. My first mother's day without my mom SUCKED. But as each year goes by, it gets a little better. I rely on little tender mercies like the one that happened yesterday at church where we sang my mom's favorite obscure hymn as the opening song. On the last anniversary of her death, I attended a concert by the MoTab where they sang the song I played at her funeral. I am thankful for a loving God who lets me know in subtle ways that she's okay,and that He wants me to be okay too. Love you, Wend. Hang in there.