Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shoes, Soda, and my Search for Sanity

I haven't felt in a very humorous mood, and I don't want to write and be Debbie Downer. 

Bottom Line:  Even the most fabulous lives have challenges.  My dad who I was wrought with worry and concern is seriously dating a woman he met on the internet, just a mere few weeks after my mom's passing. More like days...after the funeral.  It's thrown me for a loop to say the least.  I need some time to work through my feelings... so far, I'm just a mess. Does time really heal all wounds?  I think I'm about to find out. 

In other news: I am making progress left and right on little house projects, even though I'm working on a shoestring budget. That dang pool went crazy over budget and it's cramping my style. It was worth every single penny, even if I have to wear the same clothes for the next 30 years.

Also,  I'm working on a super secret project that is very fabulous and I will unveil in mid-June, not even Mr. Man knows about it.  I can't wait to see it all come together.

In the meantime, I had some gift cards that were burning a hole in my pocket and my shoe guy at Nordstroms had been leaving incessant voicemails, "You don't write, you don't call, you don't shop anymore... and I have the perfect shoe for you. Call me! Smooches!"

So, I indulged and called him back.  Turns out he had a few shoes for me, because he knows me, loves me, and only wants the best (shoes) for me.  I hate the dowdy mama image, but like to have comfy shoes for outings with the kids.  He knows the summers entail endless trips to the zoo, museums, and kid friendly adventures. Enter Sparkly Toms, which I love!
Then I got these shoes, which are unbelievable.  They are part of this whole minimalist shoe movement, and so light.  They are perfect for chasing after Rupert in the hills, and I ran 300 miles (uphill both ways of course, in snow, sleet AND hail) in these babies with no problem.  Ooo they are on sale.  I wonder if I need some in tan.
 You know when you discover something that just makes you say, "Why didn't I think of  this sooner?" 
 I got one of these gel insulated reusable cups, and it is genius.  It keeps my water cold, my ice cubes don't melt, and I love it.   It keeps my Beloved (aka Coke Vanilla Zero) chilled all day.  I swear I love Coke Zero too much, and considering what a natural junkie I am, I hate that I love it.  I guess this is what makes me so complicated... I'm full of irony.


Jamie said...

Cute shoes! Enjoy that new pool -- I know you will.

Hang on there with the other stuff. Time doesn't necessarily heal wounds but it helps.

Cimblog (tm) said...

Oh, you're full of something, alright...

Anonymous said...

There is a site/blog on dealing with loss & grief that I have found very insightful..and I remember reading an entry that said entering into a new relationship quickly is a common thing that men do after losing a spouse,and a lot of them later regret doing so.. can't be easy for you I am sure. here is the site..it has been very helpful for me www.thecarecommunity.com hope it helps some(: ((Hugs to you)) Deb

Anonymous said...

It seems to be very common for men to start dating very, very soon after a loss. (Dh's dad did exactly this, 11.5 years ago.)

I truly believe that it is no indication of how much they loved their wives, in fact I think the happier their marriage was the more they want to find that again, quickly.

I also think that women generally REALLY CANNOT understand this mentality. For us it seems such a betrayal. It's a Mars/Venus thing.

None of which helps your hurting heart right now, sorry. Hang on in there xxx

Brooke said...

I need to get me one of them there cups - fer my constant infusion of Mt. Dew ;)

laura said...

i miss you xo