Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Chalet Appreciation: The Backyard

It was a year and one month ago that Mr. Man & I embarked on this construction project.  Would I do it again?  Yes, in a heartbeat.  The Juans have been gone for three weeks and I miss them terribly.  
Mr. Man + The Juans = The perfect husband. 
I had lunch with the Juans during the day, they unloaded my groceries, and they did all the odd jobs on my "Honey Do" List.  Mr. Man would bring home the bacon, eat dinner and spend the evenings with me.  It was the perfect combo, and I miss them. I love Mr. Man, but he takes forever to fix a wobbly shelf.

This old backyard is a thing of the past. 
I still can't get over how big this yard is.  Once we cleared out the Oleanders and added a retaining wall, it's huge.  Most city lots have room for grass OR a pool OR a sports court.  I feel beyond blessed to have room for all three. 
I had grand hopes of a pool, and my wish came true.  We ended up moving it over a few feet, and I love it.

The pool was the perfect place to spend Memorial Day weekend.  My brother was in town with his family and we spent lazy afternoons in the pool. 
Everyone is enjoying the pool, even Skoopi and Mr. Man.  Yes, the same Mr. Man who said, "If we put in a pool it will be over my dead body."  I promise he is alive and well.
We had the neighbors join us at the last minute for a BBQ.  We were all still in swimsuits as we entertained our guests, which is just exactly how it should be.  The kids roasted hot dogs and marshmallows over the firepit.  I kept catching Mr. Man's eye and we exchanged knowing looks.  This is just what we imagined, family, friends, neighbors all relaxed and enjoying themselves.  We wanted a house that felt like we were permanently on vacation, a place for our friends to come and rest their bodies and soul.
The deer wandered by for a drink and a snack, hawks circled overhead, and I still can't get over how secluded we are. 
Yet after a few twists and turns, we are right there in the city and at night, the city lights twinkle down below. 
Is it entirely possible to be totally smitten with your house?  If so, I am one smitten kitten. 


Tammy said...

I love your house too! You are one lucky girl!

... said...

It is absolutely perfect!

Helena said...

Ahhhh! Looks heavenly.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to miss the Juans too. I was secretly hoping they'd help you find the 'maybe baby'. They've been so helpful with all the other projects. ;-)


Mary said...

It looks awesome!!

Brooke said...


Tanya said...

Beautiful! Who wouldn't be smitten?