Saturday, July 09, 2011

Dear Mr. Boy, Now you are Eight!

Dear Mr. Boy, 
On your birthday, I sit to write you a note to tell you how much I love you.  Today we watched a video your dad and I made three days after you were born.  In that video, we talked about the miraculous way you entered our lives.  You came via a birth mother that we love very much and give thanks for every single day.  I tell you this every year, but the doctor said you would arrive between 6-8pm, but no later than 9pm. You had to come into the world on your own terms at 9:01PM. This has been such an indicator of what the rest of your life would be like.  You are a born leader, anxious to lead and do things on your terms.  Your fun personality, naturally draws people to you and each and every day you make me laugh out loud.  We have so much fun together and I love being with you.
Last year on your birthday,  we didn't even have a kitchen to bake your cake! We were hunkered down in two rooms, and you often woke up to one of the Juan's hammering outside your window, or even one time, in your room.  You went with the flow, and for that I am grateful.  Now the house is done, and you love having your own room with a desk for the first time in your life.  You begged for a Star Wars room for two years, and then you discovered Harry Potter.   Just as the last set of Star Wars pillow shams arrived, you declared that you were all done with Star Wars, and you wanted a Harry Potter room.   We have tried to teach you over the year, you can be loyal to more than one thing, but it's a concept you struggle with. You can love Harry Potter and Star Wars, and the world won't fall apart.  Your loyalty is so admirable Mr. Boy, and I know it will serve you well as you grow up.
This year, we got serious about Sports and signed you up for Soccer and Baseball, and did sport type camps.  You are naturally talented at sports, and it has been a dream come true for your father.  When we sat with our social worker to discuss the traits and characteristics we were hoping for in a child, I said, I wanted a healthy baby.  Your dad said, "I want an athlete!" You have athletic roots from both your bio parents, and as I watch you learn a new sport and quickly succeed, I thank the stars above for your athletic talent.

You are strong willed and a born leader, and not afraid to speak your mind.  Learn from your mama, learn to bite your tongue.  During one of your baseball games, you tagged a player out and proceeded to smack talk the player as he walked back to the dug out.  You even threw down your glove, as you started to go at it with the player. He had provoked you a bit, and  I sat in the bleachers and watched you, mortified.  Deep down, I knew you got that fiesty spirit from me, but one of the best lessons I ever learned is knowing when to keep your mouth shut.  It's a tough lesson, and that was a great opportunity to teach you the basic concepts. I look back on that experience and laugh now, because it is just so typical of your personality.  You don't back down, and you don't take no easily for an answer.  It's a tough thing as a mom, to learn to teach you "No means No", without breaking the persistance and drive that is so innate in your personality.  I remind you again, that as your parents, we are doing the best we can.  There is no instruction manual for kids, and every child is so different.  I realized most parents have NO IDEA what they are doing, but we are all trying our best.  Here is hoping it's good enough, if not, you can either go to college or use that money for therapy, your choice.
You and AK...  *sigh* You are the best of friends and worst of enemies.  You annoy her to no end, and she annoys you right back. All day long you will complain about your pesky sister, but at the same time you are her biggest fan and will protect her at any cost.  She is lucky to have you, and you are lucky to have her.  I hope when you read this as an adult, you will remember that your sister is your most loyal friend.  She has such a deep and unconditional love for you, and a big heart.  You are both fun-seekers and I am hoping that when you are grown, you will travel the world together.   You both have a zest for life, and quest to try new things, I know that both of you will succeed in life. 

Mr. Boy, a few weeks ago you attended a Soccer Camp led by professional soccer players from the UK.  I watched you play and talked to one of the other dad's there.  He sighed, "I just don't think my son realizes just how amazing this opportunity is."  This sums up exactly my fear of raising you in Los Angeles.  Do you realize just how fabulous your life is?  I know I remind you of this all the time.  Living here provides us with so many opportunities very few kids get the chance to experience.  Not everyone gets the chance to see all the props from the Harry Potter movies, visit movie sets, swim all year round, learn soccer from the Pro's, and know famous actors only as, "Pete's Dad". Don't forget to be humble and be grateful as you grow up.  I know you hear this 100 times a day from me, "Mr. Boy, Be nice, Be grateful." but these traits of a true hero. 
I am excited for the upcoming year for you. On Sunday, you will be baptized in our church and we keep talking about how from that point on, when you do wrong, it will "count".  This thought terrifies you, as you are still learning self control. You complain, that it's hard to be nice to AK all the time. Mr. Boy, I have no doubt you will be just fine and grow into a man with good character.  At the heart of your exuberant personality is a heart of gold.  You care deeply for those you love and are compassionate to those around you.  
All day long you ask questions, you never stop.  Your mind is always going a mile a minute.  You ask the most thought provoking questions and often times I have to look up the answers.  Most of them are about Harry Potter these days, but they are also about life and other major events.  You are fascinated with Egypt and the Titanic, and we often have discussions centered around, "Would you rather this or that?"  Your questions exhaust me, but I often am reminded it is just a sign of an intelligent and inquisitive mind.

Mr. Boy, on your birthday, I am reminded again, I am the luckiest mom in the world.  Each day I gave thanks for you and your sister.  Both of you, have changed who I am for the better.  You have taught me to be nice, be more grateful and to be more patient.  Hopefully, I can teach you those same attributes over your lifetime, if not, your children will teach you them, I am sure of that.

I love you.

Love, Mom.

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