Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Independence Day

 Last year we celebrated the Fourth of July, by sticking a flag in the mountain of dirt. 
There were piles of rubble every where you looked, that pile of rubble is my old kitchen.
We came home from our classy dinner at some local fast food place to find the neighborhood alive with parties. Our neighbors were all hosting parties, and invited us to join them.  We had no idea that just behind our house, the city launches a firework show.  We joined the Neighbor-steins for a viewing party. 
This year was much different.  We swam and played around our house. The whole neighborhood was out setting up for their parties.  We weren't trapped behind the Big Construction Fence and we could holler back and forth, while I did some gardening.  "Sure, I have some folding chairs! Can I borrow an egg?" Can you spot the new plants under the kitchen window?  I was so excited to plant a flower bed, but can't believe how tiny the plants are.  I have a problem with concept of scale, when it comes to design.
This picture is classic AK & Mr. Boy.  AK with her darling little dress, wearing flaming dragon shoes.  She is totally dialed into her inner punk. Mr. Boy is wearing his super skinny jeans, holding his Harry Potter book, and looks annoyed to have me talking to him.  That pretty much sums up his attitude these days. 
After dinner at Uncle Mikes, we decided not to mess with tradition and went over to the Neighborstein's house to watch the fireworks.  After the show, we met up with the neighbors and their friends in the cul de sac and watched the shows going off all over the city.  The sky was dotted with fireworks everywhere.  Have I mentioned how much I love my house lately?  And where I live?  Life is good in the big city.

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Mary said...

I'm so jealous of your backyard firework show! That sounds fantastic!