Thursday, September 01, 2011

School Prep

Mr. Boy has a sense of style all his own.  I love it, and hope it never fades.   He is passionate about his Relaxipants(tm) and over the summer got serious about Skinny Jeans.  We tried out multiple pairs of skinny jeans, and they were always too big in the waist for him.  Mr. Boy was running to drop something at the neighbors and his skinny jeans just shimmied on down to his knees, leaving his Underoo's exposed.  I decided there has to be a better way to find good fitting skinny jeans.  

I called my favorite people at Nordstrom's and said, "Help, we need skinny jeans for a skinny boy!"  Their answer is always, "No problem!" and this is why I love them more than some of my relatives.  My passion and love for Nordstrom's runs deep.  In the pre-mom days, the Semi Annual Sale was a semi-annual Wendy Holiday, and I would take the day off from my fancy job to shop the day away.  Those were the days.... a double income... no kids... lots of me time... no homework... no afternoon sports... but I digress.
Mr. Boy was ushered into a dressing room with outfits laid out, he was told to point to the things he liked.  He quickly pointed, "Yes, No, not that...  Yes, more skater please."   Then two ladies got to work grabbing clothes, while Mr. Boy tried on super mega skinny jeans.  Of course, they brought accessories, belts, a watch, sunglasses, beanies, and shirts. Mr. Boy loved being catered to, and AK was in heaven with a lady who brought her clothes to try on. Mr. Boy stood there sucking on a juice box in front of a three way mirror with a pair of shiny new jeans on and said, "Mom, this is the LIFE!"  I know, son, I know, I know just how you feel. And the next generation of Nordstroms shoppers is born!

**Disclaimer** I received zero compensation from Nordstroms.  However, are you aware the personal shopping service is free?  They work with any budget, and I love it.  If anyone from Nordstroms sees this and would like to pay me, please pay me in shoes.
The school supply list is always one of the dark clouds looming over the Super Mega Ultimate Summer.  I swear the teachers always put one or two items on the list that are like the hot toy at Christmas that people go into a frenzy over and end up stabbing someone in the aisles of Toys R Us for the last Tickle Me Elmo. 

This year it was Scotch Brand Jumbo Glue Sticks and 16 count Crayons. All the "Back to School" sales have 24 count crayons for a quarter, but 16 count crayons remain $3.79 a pack.  To make matters worse there are only 2 stores in all of Los Angeles  that carry the 16 count crayons, but you can buy 24 count crayons at any store including 7-11.  It kills me and I need four packs of the stupid crayons.  As for the glue sticks... I'm convinced they do not actually exist.

This year, I threw open the window and said, "I'm mad as Hell and I can't take it anymore!"  I decided to buck the system.  This year, I'm sending 30 packs of 24 count Crayons.  The kicker... those 30 packs only cost me $6 bucks, all the other kids parents spent $12 on 4 packages of crayons.  Mr. Boy's class will have enough 24 count crayons for every student, and every kid will have eight more color options when they color in their picture of Christopher Columbus.  

I have a theory that Mr. Boys class will all grow up into something great.  CEO's, Doctor's, Supreme Court Justices, and it will all be because they had more choices for crayon colors in 3rd grade.  Or at least that is what I tell myself to assuage the guilt I feel.  Tell me I did the right thing or will my children forever be known as the kids with the "Rebel Mother"? 


Mary said...

I had a list with these super specific brands for watercolors or pencil sharpeners... I'm with you, I couldn't find them anywhere and don't think they exist. I'd have more success trying to find evidence of Bigfoot.

I think the teachers just list this crap to mess with us.

Cimblog (tm) said...

Rebel Mother for sure... That's why we like you so much. Duh...

Mike.Denae.Ty said...

I'm with ya in raising the next Nordstroms generation! As for the school supplies, not there yet :)

Brooke said...

You are creating MAYHEM! How will the school function?