Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dissappointingly Pink

AK has wanted a pink room forever and a day.  One day my brother's wife looked me squarely in the eye and said, "Look, as the aunt, I'm laying down the law, she wants a pink room, so give her a pink room." I've learned over the years, you don't mess with the aunts or the aunties.  Plus AK's room has been a disaster since she moved in last year. It was formerly the office aka Chalet Construction Headquarters, and is wired to launch a rocket.  It needs a makeover, and it's in the works, just wait until you see the new bedding!  Step one is paint.
 Once I figured out the color I wanted, I went to town on AK's "long day" at school and dance.   She had NO idea I was painting her room, and I thought it would be a fun surprise.  Mr. Boy even pitched in.
Zoey tried to help, or more like made a mess. It seems like common sense to not paint around a puppy, but somehow I didn't think she would get into the paint.  I was wrong, and do you know what happens when you scream and try to tackle a puppy covered in pink paint?  They run, wiggle, and shake, splattering pink paint everywhere.   The upside, now she matches AK's room!
 Finally, it was done and we picked up AK.  Mr. Boy and I couldn't wait to show her the finished project. 
 We told her we had a surprise for her and brought her into her room.... Ta Dah!
 Uh oh!  Why the frown?  Apparently, kids consider surprises to be "toys", not necessarily paint.  Good thing to know, looks  like AK won't be on one of those Presto Chang-o HGTV shows, and that's okay.  The next morning she woke up and saw her pink walls, and woke up with a smile.  They made her happy, and that's all I wanted, even if it took a few hours to get there.  


Mary said...

That last picture is hilarious!

stacy said...

I love that you blurred out his pack #. Oh wait, is this post about her? I love the pink room too. I once tried to paint with days old Alex, 18 month old Grace and 3 year old RJ. It was as good of an idea as painting with the dog! ;-)

Kerry McKibbins said...

Omg, that last photo is the best!!