Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Hallloween

Presenting Harry Potter,
And the Dog that saved Madeline, Genevieve
 Mr Boy has wanted to be Harry Potter since November 1st of last year, and AK wanted to be Wonder Woman.  I ordered AK's costume and we loved it, but then one evening while we were reading in bed, she blurted out, "Oooo I wish I was Madeline for Halloween!"  Immediately, I broke my rule of "once the costumes is purchased, you have to commit!" She can be Wonder Woman any day, but how cute is AK as Madeline?
While making their costumes this year, I fell back in love with sewing, inspired by this season of Project Runway.  As for Zoey, it seemed appropriate to have her be the dog who saved Madeline, because she is dog who has totally saved this family with her sweet and goofy puppy love.

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Kerry said...

OH GOSH! Cutest kids and costumes ever! Happy Halloween Wendy!