Friday, October 07, 2011

Grateful for Puppy Love

This little dog has me completely smitten.
Zoey is proving to be a sweet little addition to the family.  I swear this dog smiles in her sleep. And do you know what is better than round toddler bellies?  Deliciously plump and crazy soft puppy bellies.
Zoey often sleeps just like this.
 In the car, Zoey is either on someones lap or up front with me. 
If she is up front, she sits like this, with her nose sticking straight up to the ceiling.  It makes me laugh each and every time. 
 Her favorite chew toy...  door trim.  The Juans are not going to be too pleased. 
Since Zoey needs some attention prior to the morning rush, I'm up early again, just like during the construction.  I know I've griped about not being a morning person, but I had forgotten the serenity of those early mornings.  The deer are ambling by, the hillsides are covered with a silvery mist, and everything is calm and peaceful. 
And during those mornings walks around the property with Zoey, I give thanks for her,  For Mr. Man who insisted on her, because ultimately, he is wise and tries to do what is best for the family.  I give thanks for the children who make me laugh each day, and for the friends in our lives.  I even give thanks for the Juans who helped us create this oasis in the big city, and for the deer... yes, even Rupert.
Starting each day off with thankful heart has been the best thing, and I am grateful for this little dog, who has reminded me of the power of gratitude. 


Mary said...

I love her nap picture. I am having to chant "I do not want a puppy. I do not want a puppy.". After reading this. She is adorable!

... said...

That third picture is priceless. The fifth is too. And this post is heartwarming!

Kerry said...

Oh she is so dang cute. I love puppy bellies. I also love when puppies sleep all sprawled out like that. :)

Anonymous said...

When I try to sleep in, my dogs tend to wake me up ... just because they have decided it is time to get up! But as soon as I look into their smiling faces, eager to see what the day brings, I have to smile too.

Yes, even when I'm sick (like today) and could really use an extra hour!