Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Ya Ya Wisdom

One of the perks about my "Yes Trip" to Utah was getting to hang with some of the Ya Ya's. The Ya Ya's and I met ages ago at Book Club where we read "Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood".  We have a bond that is deep, unbreakable, and unique.  We have had babies together, shared triumphs and devastation.   We have held vigils in hospitals, prayed for good news, and buoyed each other up in the darkest of times.  I love these girls, and I love that Mr. Man gets my relationship with them.   When I have struggled he has said, "Ask the YaYa's, they'll know... "  
Bob, Moi, Booboo
One of the legendary YaYa moments is with Booboo.  Several years ago, I accidentally backed my car into Mr. Man's "Beloved" car.  More like slammed my car into Mr. Man's.  Even worse Mr. Man ran out hearing the noise only to see my car and his car had become conjoined into one lump of metal.   I had to punch the gas to pry the cars apart, and peeled out of driveway.  I will never forget the look on Mr. Man's face, it is one of the few times I have ever seen him mad.   I picked up my cell phone and called, Booboo.

Moi:   Booboo, I um... I backed into Mr. Man's car.  
Booboo:  Wait, What? His beloved blue car?  The one he says goodnight to before bed?  
Moi: YES!  Oh my goodness, what am I going to do?   I think I'm just going to keep driving and move to Texas and become a blonde.  That's the only way.... he is gonna kill me!
Booboo:  Wait, let's calm down and just think for a moment.   Okay, are you sure his car wasn't already all smashed up?  I mean, it could have already been like that and you didn't really hit it at all!
Moi:  I guess that's possible, but I had to slam on the gas to unhook them. 
Booboo:  Hmmm, I think I've always pictured you as more of a redhead than a blonde. 

Ah, bless the Ya Ya who always assume your innocence in all situations, that is a good friend.  I totally get what those Sex and the City gals meant when they said, 
"Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and boys are just people to have fun with."
As I sank down on the couches at the Ya Ya's house, I felt instantly at ease.  We talked, we laughed, and we watched the Petit Ya Ya's play.   One night at Bob's house, I couldn't help but notice the clock was striking 10 and her house had no signs of slowing down.  In fact a meal was being fired up in the kitchen for a late night snack.  I was baffled, because even as the self proclaimed Queen of the Ultimate Mega Super Summer, everyone under 5 feet tall is in bed by 9pm during the summer.   Bob imparted her Ya Ya wisdom, that these were the best times during the summer for spending time as a family.   Dad was home from work, the blazing sun had set, and the lazy evenings were sacred family time. 

The whole way home I kept wondering, "Am I doing Summer wrong?  What if I'm missing the best part?"   Last week, I decided to try the YaYa way and let bedtime slip by.  My children who bickered from sun up to sun down, got along and constructed a Lego city together.   TOGETHER!  They never do things together unless bribed or forced.    
We talked while they built their city, and I cherished this time with my kids.   There wasn't a ticking clock on the time we were spending together, it was just going with the flow, something I'm not very good at.   It was nearly midnight when the yawns became more frequent than words, and we tucked the little ones in bed. Unfortunately, the next day AK was in tears the entire day due to her late bedtime, so maybe we need to adjust this a bit.   But I don't want to forget the lesson I learned of turning my back to the ticking clock, the schedules, the routines every once in a while to make time for some cherished memories. 

This is a lesson I needed to learn before we jump into fall, with it's crazy sports schedule, and the demands of school.  I needed to remember this time is fleeting and it is the family, not the schedule that trumps everything.

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Awwww.....Vive le Ya-Ya's!!!