Monday, November 12, 2012

Worlds Best Weekend

Remember when Saturday's used to be fun?  Before we had kids we loved lazy Saturday mornings, working on house projects, running a leisurely errand and having dinner out.   Now, our Saturday's are running kids around and Mr. Man and I usually divide and conquer.  He runs one kid around, while I take the other, and we meet at the soccer field for games and if we are lucky, we eat out as a family in the evening.   The weekends are full, and the previous Saturday was madness.  We had a weekend where we were at home for 5 minutes at a time, and gone most of the day at six different activities, Sunday was the same.  It was too busy.   Then suddenly football ended, soccer ended, and we found ourselves this past Saturday with a clear day.  I started the day off with a hike with my deer friends. Bon Jour Jane!
I had tackled my "mom closet" the day before and was inspired to get my house in order.  The whole family thoroughly mucked out their rooms, and we cleaned out closets. No one really loved doing that, but it felt so good when it was done.  We laughed and talked while we worked and took several puppy breaks.

Around 5pm, I realized AK never changed out of her pajamas.  There wasn't a reason to, :we never left the house.  As the sun set, AK yawned and requested to watch a movie in her bed.   She was joined by both dogs and thoroughly enjoyed the downtime.   The mood was relaxed and lazy around the house.   
After accomplishing so much, I sat and read for a while with zero guilt, then I got ready for a night out with Mr. Man and the Irish's.   A surprise party for our dear friend that was turning the big 4-0.  I had some cheese at the party that made my knees go weak, it was divine. 
We had chomped on leftover gumballs while we did our chores during the day.  This was my gift for my friend, complete with a giftcard to her favorite store tucked inside. I love it when Pinterest makes me look good. 
When my head hit the pillow at the end of the weekend, I paused for a moment to give thanks, for this house, for my family, for my friends, and for these blissful Saturdays that recharge.   One day I'll look back and reminisce about those chaotic taxi-driving Saturdays with fondness, but for now, I'll just savor the weekends where no one cares that you never got out of your pajamas.  

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