Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Last Day of Faux-prah: More favorites

Today is the last day to enter my "Faux-prah's Favorite Things" giveaway.  Your odd's of winning are way better than the slots at the Indian Gaming Casino.  
Be sure to enter by leaving a comment on THIS POST.  

My other favorites that should have made my giveaway, maybe for next year! 

A backyard full of deer! I love my deer more than any human should.  I'm fully aware that one day I will be the cooky crazy lady in the neighborhood who think the deer are her kids. My deer bring me such joy, but I can't decide if it's really the deer or just the fact that I live in such a serene place with a home I love so much. 

Next up would be my Keurig.  
I love tea and my kids love having hot chocolate in the morning.   This is the perfect appliance for a lazy mom like me.  We received this as a gift and I wasn't sure what I thought of it.   We aren't big coffee drinkers, but still this thing is used daily at our house.  My kids walk into school almost every morning with their commuter mug chatting with their friends about who just signed a big movie deal and what they think the stock market is going to do today.  (or maybe they are telling fart jokes, you decide!) Psst... Word on the street is that the best place to buy these is at Kohl's with a %off code. 

GoGoSqueez is a staple at our house.   It is all fruit and all natural, and has been a victory in the battle over junk food.  My kids love this stuff and I know it's good for them.  My kids want junk in their lunch every day, and I feel like I'm constantly telling them no.  They happily eat their GoGoSqueez every day and I know at least one thing in their lunch will be consumed that's healthy.  My kids lunches often come back partially eaten, but the GoGoSqueez is always gone.   They just came out with new flavors and my kids are crazy for AppleCherry and AppleMango.  

Can I confess something?  Shhhh... I have very fine hair.  Which means getting volume in my hair is a feat even NASA couldn't work out.  Do you know who has thick voluminous hair?  My brother!  Of course, my brothers stole all the good genes and I got the leftover mutant genes.  
I read in some beauty magazine that 'Dry Shampoo" is great for adding volume to your roots.   I used to use a fancy product to try and achieve that, but realized my $3 buck bottle of Suave Dry Shampoo does the same thing.

 It soaks up the extra oil, but there is something about it that gives my hair a little lift and makes me look less like a drowned bald rat and more like a normal girl with normal hair.  Normal is good...  normal doesn't happen around these parts very often, so even if it is just normal hair, I will take it!


Laura said...

Genes - schmenes. You got the humorous ones and that's all that matters!

Anonymous said...

And so many Humor genes to boot!! So fun Miss Wendy!

Michelle K. said...

If only they could cram a PB&J in the GoSqueeze.

Kirsten H. said...

Ugh! I tried the expensive dry shampoo too!! What a waste! I found it left a film that my cheapo didn't. Volume? Bonus!!! Ill use that as my excuse for why I use it now!!! "Umm, yeah, it's for volume...sure I washed my hair yesterday!, *cough*cough*".