Monday, December 10, 2012

The Yes Project: Yes takes me on a getaway

Part of an ongoing project called, "The Yes Project", where I resolve to say YES more to opportunities that come my way.  Click here to see the other posts.

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Mr. Man is a saint, he puts up with a lot of nuttiness living with me full time.  He knows that I feel like I've lost a little bit of spunk because of the demands of motherhood.  Getting my spunk back was part of the reason I started the "Yes" project.  No was the easy answer, if I said "No," I didn't have to work out babysitters or logistics.   It was lazy and I wasn't living my best life.

Last Sunday Mr. Man asked me about my schedule for the week and after I told him my plans, he took both my hands and said, "I have an early Christmas gift for you, but you are going to have to rearrange your week a bit.  It's up to you if you want to do it, you just let me know Yes or No."
Mr. Man tries to take our portrait.
I couldn't resist, I said, "YES!" and cleared my calendar for the dates Mr. Man requested and Mr. Man unveiled his gift.   A mini-getaway to a concert of two bands that I love and babysitting provided by Mrs. Mother-in-Law.     

During a previous "Yes" trip this summer, I was reminded of just how much I love live bands.   I had heard about this concert at a small venue and I really wanted to go.  Tickets sold out right away and I missed my chance.  I must have have lamented one night at dinner that I was disappointed at how quickly things sold out.  Sometimes I wonder if Mr. Man is listening to me, I know I yammer on, and my children have learned to successfully tune me out.   When Mr. Man showed me the tickets, my first thought was, "Oh my goodness, you love me and you really do listen to me!"
We saw Imagine Dragons and Garbage at a Casino outside of LA.  We had amazing seats, and I'm still not quite sure how Mr. Man scored tickets, but he is magical like that.  I loved that when I walked into the casino, the officer thought I was underage and pulled me aside to check my ID.  I actually blanked when he asked me what year I was born...oops, but I pointed out to him, "Look, I'm old enough to know my kids birth dates better than my own." 

When we were first married, we listened to the band Garbage a lot.   It brought back a ton of sweet memories of our early days as broke newlyweds.  When I looked over at Mr. Man, I was reminded that he is so much more than just the husband, father, and provider.  He's my friend and we have a lot of fun together.  I know we both get so bogged down in the details of our family  and we forget, "Oh hey, I really like you!" 
After the concert, we hit the casino to earn some holiday cash, but luck wouldn't have it that way. When we were leaving the casino,we were walking arm in arm laughing so hard we couldn't walk straight.  I can't remember what was so funny, but it doesn't matter now.  The thing I remember now is that Mr. Man is also Mr. Person-I-Love-Spending-Time-With.   I'm a lucky girl, so glad I said Yes to him.
And if you haven't started listening to Imagine Dragons, I love them. Check out the video above!  What was your favorite concert? 


Kerry said...

You are so cute, and I love that story! What a great husband!

I love Garbage, and your entire paragraph about looking over at Mr. Man during the show...I could have written that word for word about my own Mr. Man and U2. It's awesome. You word it so much better than I ever could...but MAN, I GET it. - and it makes me happy.

Yay to saying YES!

Love you girl!

Laura said...

I just saw Eddie Izzard in concert. Not a musician, but awesome in its own right.

Tanya said...

So much fun! And I love surprises that include babysitting!!!

ConnieC said...

Lucky you! I like both of those bands.