Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Had some work done...

So I had some work done, just a little maintenance.  I bet you could instantly tell there was something different. Don't they look so awesome? 
I think they look pretty sweet.  For those of you who couldn't quite put your finger on it, yes, it's true... I got new tires.  Yeah, a whole new set and it cost a small fortune.

The thing that bugs me is that, I am going about my day after unloading some serious cash, and I really don't have a whole lot to show for it.  No one walks up to you and says, "Wow, look at the treads on those tires." 

If I were President of the United States, I would make it so that every time you spent a fortune on something annoying they would hand you a button you could wear that says,  "I spent a small fortune on...(fill in the blank) today!"  Then we could all slap each other on the back and say, "Wow, love the tires."  or "Those brakes really look good on you."  Whose with me? 


Anonymous said...

Ha! What a great idea. Do I look good with this new range hood? ;-)


Emily Rasmussen said...

had to get tires today too! I totally hear you...car repairs are about the least fun thing to spend money on. I want a button at the very least!