Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Gone are the days of the sweet costumes, the ones with fake muscles, or the adorable matching hats.  We have entered the dark and gory days of Halloween Costumes.  

Currently, we have a Zombie Football Player...
And a vampire haunting our home.   
For weeks, I've heard them perfecting their zombie walk or their vampire accent.
As for me... I chose something a little more ironic. Wendy from Wendy's Hamburgers.   I have endured YEARS of Wendy's Hamburger jokes, so this costume seemed perfect.  I've always believed that people named Wendy should get free Frosty's for life for enduring the endless jokes about... "You must get free hamburgers... heh heh."
I enjoyed this Halloween Season, it was the first year the kids carved pumpkins without a ton of help.
 I love this picture of my mom and brother and set it out every Halloween.   It's weird to look at a picture of your parents and think, "Wow, they were just kids once."  
 Happy Halloween!

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