Saturday, January 11, 2014

Modern Day Survival

Somewhere just after Christmas we got hit with "The New Cold."  Apparently, this "new cold" doesn't ever end and we spent 10 days feeling somewhere between mediocre and terrible.  On Day 11, I hauled my family to the doctors office to see if there was something "New" to treat "The New Cold."  The doc prescribed a small arsenal of meds and gave us a healthy dose of "I promise you won't feel like this forever."

We headed over to worship at the altar of Target to get our prescriptions filled.  While we waited, we stocked up on supplies, replenishing the cough medicine and the pantry.  We may have even bought some socks and underwear because the laundry wasn't exactly doing itself.  We sauntered over to the food court and ate junky food and called it dinner. While my kids drank their Slushies, I reveled in the wonder that is Target.  Within an hour, I had gotten everything I needed and I thought back to what moms did prior to Target.  They went to the pharmacy and paced the aisles like cavemen with whiny sick children in tow while they waited for medicine.

I thought back to my own mom and remembered one Christmas Vacation where everyone had come down with the flu.  The refrigerator was empty and the task of heading to the grocery store seemed daunting.   My mom in a stroke of genius called the milkman and told him along with our regular milk delivery to bring one of everything he stocked.  The next morning, we opened the front door to find a bounty of groceries along with our milk.   

While I sat there and gave thanks for the one stop shopping mega store, I couldn't help but wonder if it wasn't some flu-ridden mother's idea to make a store where you could get everything.  I love shopping small and local, but when my team is down for the count,  I'm a Big Box believer.

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Jessica Cribbs said...

Seriously, what did mom's do before Target?! The smell alone, walking in, evokes happiness in us.