Tuesday, February 11, 2014


A peek into the relationship between Mr. Man and I, here is a recent conversation we had.  

Moi:   Have you heard that there have been multiple sightings of a mountain lion behind our house?
Mr. Man:  I read about it in the newspaper, fun stuff.
Moi: It's kind of exciting, I keep peering out the window hoping to catch a glimpse of her. We have a cougar practically in our backyard!
Mr. Man:  How do you know it's a "she"? 
Moi:  I can just sense it, it's like a woman's intuition type of universal connection. I really hope she sticks around. 
Mr. Man:  You know Mountain Lions eat deer, pets, and even children, right?
Moi:  I know, but I sense she will do no harm.   In fact, do you want to know a secret? 
Mr. Man:  Always.
Moi:  I've already picked out what kind of collar I'm going to put on her when we domesticate her and make her our newest pet.
Mr. Man:  Domesticate?  A Mountain Lion?
Moi: I kind of like the idea of black leather, but can't decide if I want studs or diamonds on it.  Diamonds would be pretty glam, but a studded collar kind of sends a message to intruders to stay away.
Mr. Man: Let the record show, I am not in favor of a pet mountain lion.
Moi:  Fine then, you won't mind if I let the deer start sleeping in the house...


Anonymous said...

I'd go with black leather and zwarovski crystals staggered between the studs. Tough with a bit of elegance.


Anonymous said...

I think Anna is correct in the choice of a collar for the Mt.Lion. Now for the deer collars, you might want to select a buck skin color.....Had to say it!!!

Tammy said...

oh dear! some of your ideas scare me! i'm with mr. man. :)