Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wednesday Wisdom - Washi Tape for your Cords

It seems like my charging cords that I use in my car only last for about a year.  Which while nothing more than a nuisance, I can never remember to switch them out.  It's out of sight and out of mind for me, once I exit my car.  So then I'll be out somewhere, frantically trying to get the cord at juuuuuusst the right angle for it charge my dying phone.

When I mentioned this to the Genius helping me at the Apple Store, he gave me this hot tip.  Wrap the cords as soon as you get them with tape where the cord connects into the plug. That is the weakest spot and where they tend to break.  It has made all the difference and as a bonus, now in my jumble of cords, I can easily tell which cord is for each device, because they are color coded with different colors of Washi Tape.   (Washi Tape is decorative paper tape, but really any tape can be used.)

Genius Tip from the Genius Bar at Apple.

Anyone else have any hot tips when it comes to devices? 

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