Friday, March 31, 2017

Five for Friday - March 31st

1.  It's almost April Fool's Day.  I'm not quite sure what I'm doing with my family, but I just want to remind everyone that it's not too late to send your kids a "Welcome to Chore Camp" letter and brochure.  I sent my son a letter telling him that he was accepted to Chore Sleepaway Camp, and that he will spend all day "learning to clean and scrub" and will even take a field trip to another camp to clean up their camp... because the other kids are too busy swimming and having fun to clean.  Still one of my favorite pranks!  Click here for the letter and brochure post.
2.   I bought a magical shirt, actually two magical shirts, because when you find a magical shirt you buy it in all the colors!  I first saw it on a mom at school and thought it was pretty, then I saw it on a different lady at the bank, and thought it looked good on her.   They both were different body types, then I stumbled on the shirt on a Target rack, and I love it.  I'm pretty sure it looks good on everyone and everyone deserves a pretty blouse, so I'm telling the world about it. 
3. Go see Boss Baby this weekend!   We got to get a glimpse of this movie on a tour of Dreamworks and the few bits we saw were hilarious. Plus we know a person or two who was involved into bringing this to life and love supporting our friends in their success.  You can see the trailer here. 

4. I love Scout Bags!  This is the BEST reusable bag ever.   I have had two of their bags for five years and they are the strongest and sturdiest bag I have ever seen.  They are really sturdy plasticky textile, so you can hose them out after the beach, or wipe them down, and the Original Deano bag holds everything.  (I also love the Bagette for groceries!) People always ask me about these bags when I'm out shopping and right now they have a free tote with $50 Purchase and a rare sale!  At first when I saw the prices of these bags I cringed, but they last forever. It's worth it and you deserve it.

5. So, print out a chore camp letter, buy a magical shirt, see Boss Baby, and buy a Scout bag!  Man I am bossy today!  


Glennard said...

Boss Baby, huh? I don't know, looks like a kid movie. I guess if you say you like it, I'll give it a shot.

Glennard said...

What the what!? I just got back from seeing Boss Baby and not only was it delightful and hilarious, but it made me feel like a kid again and made me appreciate my family. This is an amazing movie and everyone should stop what they're doing and go watch this film. P.S.I loved the credits. The guy who did that is truly gifted.

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