Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Note to Self... Donna Karen is timeless, but not always versatile.

Long story short, we think we are going to move Nathan into a more developmental preschool. So, once again I've been touring schools, asking questions about ratios and curriculum. So far, I seem to be leaning towards a religous preschool. Not neccessarily, because I feel like Nathan needs the bible time, but I really like the schools. Today I went and toured a fabulous Lutheran Preschool. I really liked it..... did they like Nathan? It appears so, did they like me... uh.. I don't think so. Here's the deal...

I have strong opinions on clothing. I love fabulous clothes, and I enjoy a good splurge now and then. I was always taught that a woman should have three great black outfits in her closet:
- A great suit for job interviews
- A black evening dress
- A black outfit that works for funerals, bar mitzvahs, weddings, christenings, etc.
I have a summer and winter version of each of those. I bought the suit pictured above specifically for funerals. Sounds morbid, but upon my Father in Law's diagnosis, I felt much better having an outfit for the funeral in my closet. (Although, technically, I wore a different outfit to the funeral, but this dress has seen christenings, baby blessings and funerals.) When I first wore it, Ross commented that it made me look Muslim. No disrespect there, he and I both have a reverance and respect for the Muslim religion some of our friends practice. The high collar, and floor length skirt definitely would work. I think the suit is timeless and makes me look tall, and for goodness sake it's Donna Karen... no other designer has conquered black like DK.

So back to today, I had a busy day planned. Preschool tour at 9:15, kids go to daycare, and I go to a funeral to support a dear friend of ours. Our heart just aches for our friends and their family. So, I put on my funeral suit loaded the kids off to the car, and off we went to this Lutheran Preschool. Nathan loved the school, joined in with the kids, and I listened to the director. They require one parent to be religious, and I told her both my husband and I are LDS. She looked at me questioningly, I explained we are Mormon. She looked me up and down and said Oh. A few minutes later, she asked if LDS was a spinoff of the Mormon religion, and I said No. She kept coming back to that. I didn't think anything of it. Then as I stopped at Starbucks for some Tea, I saw myself in the mirror. I look like I could be one of those poligamist wives on Big Love, in my long skirt, and high collar. If you add a bonnet, then I'm the lady who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart with her husband.

She must think I'm some weird cult member, because who dresses like that at 9am on a Wednesday morning. It never occured to me to tell her I was going to a funeral, it didn't seem like any of her business. Oh well.. there are other preschools.... right?

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