Monday, October 08, 2007

Dating Mr. Man

We are trying to be better about dates. It has not been a priority before now, more of a reason to do things socially with other couples. Up until recently we could talk freely about anything in front of the kids, but now that we have Nathan who is "Mr. Why? What did you say?" and tends to repeat everything to everyone.

But you know the world conspires against you when you have the best laid plans. I wayyyyy overdid it on Saturday, so I was exhausted. Then getting everything ready for the sitter, and that is the exact moment the angel kids turn into demons trying and testing every nerve. Every time we get ready to go out I feel like saying "ugh, forget it, let's do take out after the kids are in bed." However, I'm determined that our marriage will be a priority.

So Saturday, we went out. Just for dinner, and it was fabulous. Normally, Mr. Man plans it. This time, I took charge. I got the sitter, and we went to one of my favorite resturants. Unbelievably, Mr. Man had never been there. I've taken most of my friends there, and most of my clients. We went to HoSumBistro in Newport Beach. They have about 8 tables, and the food is amazing. Described as Light & Healthy Califoriental. Mr. Man totally loved it, and the best part was sitting there having an adult conversation. We need to do this wayyy more often.

Anytime anyone is up for a double date, we are game. And if I haven't taken you to HoSumBistro, then call me, let's go!

Then also, I've gotten some questions about food... What do the kids eat? What if there is no Trader Joe's by me!

Here's some stuff I picked up at Target today!


laura said...

good for you and mr. man! :) that restaurant looks good!

i also heard that a lot of the target brand of archer farms is HFCS free - do you know if that's true? i tried that annie's mac and cheese. sarah didn't like it. :(

Laura said...

Um, I'm a little afraid by that food. It looks like pet food, actually, which I suppose could be healthy for kids, but it was a bit startling at first.

Laura said...

P.S. That other Laura and I clearly need a way to distinguish between ourselves! (This is LJP, btw.)

laura said...

Juuuuuuust kidding...this is Cim...

Um, how CONVENIENT that you signd off IM *right* after I told you you'd never taken me to HoSumBistro