Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My house is being redecorated....against my will!!

I'm going about my business around the house, and all of a sudden I'll bump into a scene like this. Apparently the Justice League has staged a rescue effort on my orchid.
Then outside, I noticed this... It makes me smile to think that Nathan picked a flower and decided to beautify the world. Then, these jammies are the best! They are my favorite style on kids.... well besides the footie ones. I got them matchy ones, and they are adorable!

Total brag ahead. Went to the doc for a checkup with the kids, and AK, who has been in the 7th percentile and below for the majority of her life... Is in the 60th percentile for height! WHAT? I know!! Since May she has had a giant growth spurt, gained a ton of weight, and gone from her 9-12 months clothes to 2T in an instant. She has grown inches since MAY! I must credit the Ya Ya's for her growth spurt, as they beat me over the head at girls weekend to fatten up her diet. At Nathan's preschool, several of the staff have commented on how TALL AK has gotten over the summer. They really do grow up fast, or maybe just in spurts!


laura said...

GO BABY Q!!!!! that is just the best news EVER! awww- she'll always be baby q to me! ;)

love the jammies - love the decor. :) hope you are feeling well! xo

Davis Family said...

that plant is hilarious!

CarrieB said...

Yay! I found your blog again. I'm going to take you up on your challenge to blog food beliefs. Working on that now. I read back a bit to learn about the end of your summer. So glad you have such an amazing support system and that you are feeling better! I loved your post on what you have learned/done. Great.