Monday, March 03, 2008

A peek into my life... right now...

Purple seems to be the color of everyone's finance files this year as they come strutting into my office. Last year, it seemed like the hot color was Red.

Are you taxes sitting on my desk waiting to be compiled? Lots to see in this pic, if you look close.

The book is New Moon that is on desk, and is currently interfering with my long to do list. Underneath that is well the financial history of 2007 for several people. I'm sure they are going to see the book, and think.. "Hey... stop reading, get back to work!"

The necklace has been recently found after being missing for months. I love it. I went to a Jewelry Party with good food and friends. The Jeweler talked to each of the guests and got to know them a bit during the party and later would suggest a piece based on what she learned about you. I tried this on, very skeptical, but it is just so ME! The first time I wore it, I had someone at the bank comment on it. It's my "signature piece".... do you have a signature style piece? I firmly believe in that.

The top, you can see perscriptions... no fun. Such is my life... This freaky body just makes me crazy sometimes. And in the cubby next to it... some gift cards that need to be spent on something indulgent!

Happy Tax Season to you and yours!


Anonymous said...

Oh you totally have my permission to read New Moon over doing my taxes! It is all that I can do to not re-read these books over and over every day! I loved them! Thank you for honoring me with a photo op even if it is only my taxes... ;)

Anonymous said...

You can add one more item to the "sure things in life"...a. Death b. Taxes and c. The Twilight Series ROCKS!! Edward Cullen...Dang it! Why aren't you real?!!

laura said...

hey - cool! you found your necklace! :) that *is* quite a picture - lots of stuff going on, eh? xo