Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Five kids, five and under....

We had some pals with us a week or so ago and went to the zoo. I loved having 5 kids all 5 and under with me, they were so much fun. Having our favorite playpals spend some time with us in the last few months has been a really great experience for our family. It has brought about some small epiphanies and taught me some things about my myself and my children that have been invaluable. Our playpal's momma is feeling better, which is fantastic news, but I'd really like to keep the kids and not give them back!

One thing I noticed is... getting five kids to smile at the same time..... it doesn't happen.
So, instead, go with no faces showing... These guys... again... they crack me up. I LOVE how sweet he is with her. "Do you want to go look at the turtles next?" "Let me help you open that door" "Would you like to wear my batman pajamas?"
Here he is proposing...
ok, not really, so maybe I adlibbed that last part, but aren't they cute together!

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Cimblog (tm) said...

Um, do you know that you're missing a kid in the first picture? (and it isn't one of YOURS).

...just checking