Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Megatron meet Smilodon

I can hear the audible groan as someone thinks this is another Justice League posts or it's me bragging about my friendship with the real Wonder Woman. Not even close.... it's a post about Mr. Man. A peek into the man who was brave and daring enough to vow to love. honor, and cherish, knowing full well he would be living on the brink of insanity.

We could pretend that Mr. Man and I are the definition of HOTT and Popularity. We aren't, we embrace it, and enjoy the life we have. Mr. Man is a Techno-Geek. He has made a fine living from his techno-geekiness, which I have benefited from. A week ago, Mr. Man decided he wanted to buy AppleTV (Yaki, Anna, & Kentalope I know you'll apprecate me plugging your favorite stock!) It's a seriously cool gadget that lets you just pick a movie from the menu to watch. So, it's all set up and then Mr. Man starts just yammering on about "how we need a new webserver to really optimize AppleTV". He said something about a processor and a Terrabyte and next thing you know I'm staring off at space and daydreaming of the Neiman Marcus Shoe Salon. Oooo... I so want to be into this stuff as much as I love shoes, for Mr. Man's sake... but I just can't make the leap in my brain.
Fast Forward a week or so, and suddenly Mr. Man arrives home from a long week at the office and there is a certain spring in his step. A twinkle in his eye, and then he pronounces he's bought a new webserver, and it's called..... The SMILODON. It sounds like a bad 80's sci fi movie or a type of dinosaur.
This was my view the rest of the weekend of Mr. Man. Since he brought the SMILODON home, all I've been doing when I walk by is say... "In a land far far away... the SMILODON waits to attack" in my best movie trailer voice. Or "Smilodon meets Megatron" I can NOT stop making fun of it. However, I'm running out of SMILODON jokes... People... Help me out!


stacy said...

I cannot help. I do have a friend who's husband who is equally techno-y and maybe you could start a support group.

stacy said...

Oh, and had you stayed for the duration of the evening last night you would have won the jelly bean jar. You were under by two. You ARE a bean counter!

laura said...

wow - that is quite a gadget!

and from what i understand, you guys are a rare breed. i thought apple tv was one of the few apple flops of the last several years. i'd venture to say that you are the only one on your block who has one... :P

CarrieB said...

I'm oddly aroused by the idea of having an Apple TV. I'm a sucker for gadgets. They distract me from having to buy an appropriate wardrobe.