Friday, March 07, 2008

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Two Names you go by: Sadly, I don't really have a nickname. Even my children mostly refer to me as Wendy. I've ALWAYS wanted a nickname. I tried to call myself Kaykay in High School, it never caught on. I told Steph about my secret desire to have a nickname, and gave her a few suggestions... she came up with PeePee.
Two things you are wearing right now: My grandmothers ring, and my running shoes.
Two of your favorite things to do: Shopping and hanging out with my friends.
Two favorite pets you have or have had: Oooo that's a tough one. I have loved them all. From Cinders the Wondercat who I had since birth to 19 years old, or the Fat Labs that are in my life right now.
Two things you ate today: A real strawberry shake, my personal favorite, & Jelly Beans.
Two people you last talked to: Mr. Man & some random man at the gym, who claimed he knew me from some TV show...
Two things you’re doing tomorrow: Swimming at the Gym & a Birthday party, and Oh! a date with Mr. Man.
Two longest car rides: Blech! My family never did the long car rides. So, it's probably Utah & Phoenix. I hate to fly, but I'd rather fly than drive. I go crazy in a car after two hours, you can ask Mr. Man. He has to pull over and let me out to run for a bit.


Tammy said...

i started laughing and couldn't get past the visual of you sitting at your computer in JUST your running shoes and grandmothers ring...hehehe!

cim said...

Here are my suggestions for nicknames:
Wendela, Diablo (you have her hair!), QK, Wenny, Wenmeister, Wenstress, Boogie, Wendula-Lamoola

Cimblog (tm) said...

oh what about cookie?!