Thursday, April 17, 2008

AK Day!!

It's AK Day at our house, and AK could not be more shocked!!
AK is all into being pampered, so she took a leisurely bubble bath and had her toes painted.She then watched her favorite show "Durious Deorge". She got a brand new outfit, complete with sparkly shoes, and posed for a few pics! We've played on the slides and then hit "tumble time" at the gym, while I rode 14 miles on the bike. (Training for a new race!) I'm grateful for the opportunity to have these one-on-one days to reconnect with my wee ones.

PS Do any of you know how to make cute hair bows?


laura said...

ooohhh - she looks so cute!

somewhere - on one of the hard drives we have around here, i have bow making instructions.... i will search for them for you.

The Watkins said...

Your kids are so cute! I found your blog while blog surfing from the Hurleys. Your kitchen looks great by the way! About the bows, my friend makes some, you can look at hers and get ideas.
Basketball season memories are so fun!! Go T2!