Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The constant inner struggle of each day...

Each day I go into work or meet with my clients, I think "wow, I LOVE this or them, what a great day!" Then I think, "Oh man, I want to work more!". Then I have days like today, and I think "Oh, I just want to be a stay at home mom, I LOVE this!"

Today, the sun is out, it is GORGEOUS!! All my windows are open, and it's just one of those days where you want to wrap your arms around Southern California and say, "Thank you! I love you!"

Mr. Boy's class lead chapel today, and they invited the families to come and worship with them. I haven't gone before, but since I was hearing all about the cool program from Mr. Boy, I decided to go. Let me back up a bit... Mr. Boy attends a fantastic preschool, that is just perfect for our family. I know moms can get into an all out brawl over whose preschool is the best, but I know for us, this preschool is the right thing for our family. It's a religous preschool, and it's got a lot of religous teachings going on which I'm fine with. Most of the time I enjoy it, some of the time, I find myself silently uttering a prayer "please please don't let Mr. Boy start clapping and shouting Hallelujah or Praise the Lord" when the movie comes on at the theater.
Anyway, so Mr. Boy was so excited that I came today for Chapel. Today they were acting out the creation. First he was going to be the "light and dark", but they had a last minute change and he was moved over to "Birds & Fishes" which he thought was way cooler.
Then after the creation story, they sang "Whole World in his Hands" song. It was pretty funny, and Mr. Boy kept shouting over to me.... "Hey Mom, do you like the part where we sing about the Mamas & the Papas in his hands?"
I've never seen this kid put more effort into singing a song. He sang loud and with a smile the whole time!

So, after Chapel was over, we hit the Farmers Market. The strawberries there are so sweet! Mr. Boy normally won't eat them, but after trying a sample, we ate them the whole way home and had a giant bowl for lunch.

I couldn't resist taking a pic of those gorgeous strawberries! We also bought some plants at the market for our garden, and whipped up a batch of Strawberry Shakes. On the left are my favorite invention for fruits and vegetables, they are called FridgeSmart and they are made by Tupperware. They were introduced to me about 10 years ago, and I cannot live without them. (I swear I get $0 for all the things I endorse, however, I'm open to the idea! )

In other news, it's basketball tournament time for Mr. Man, so we are staying out way too late to watch him play. The kids love it and ask on the way home... "Is it the middle of the night?" I always say yes, and they think it is so awesome to be able stay up late. Also, Sonic & Ruff Ruff, the catepillars we raised, have come out of their "canoons" and we released them into the wild.


Cimblog (tm) said...

Can you make sure Nathan says "praise Jesus" (with arms up) when he comes to see my foster kittens?

Davis Family said...

nice fingers and toes! so we went by the preschool earlier this week before sickness hit - and i think i'm going to go register joshua tomorrow for 2 days a week. you owe me a call back!