Wednesday, April 16, 2008

And I'm back!

Yesterday ended tax season... I believe it was my 11th busy season.

Last night was the big Champagne Celebratory dinner toasting another year of success. I truly love what I do, I have been very blessed with my practice. It is EXACTLY what I want.

Today is my "Mr. Boy Day". I picked him up early for school and we went out together for some errands mixed with lots of treats and playtime. We hit the mall, and gave the local economy a boost. I let him pick out some new clothes, and he picked up some super soft pajama pants and exclaimed, "Mom, these 'jamas' are as soft as brand new kittens! Can we get them?" It made me laugh out loud, and yes, we got them.

Tommorrow is "AK Day".

1 comment:

laura said...

how fun!

so glad your season is over! :)