Monday, April 07, 2008

God Speed My Friend, God Speed...

It was quite the traumatic weekend for the family. My previous post was inspired, as we lost a member of our family this weekend.
Mr. Boy trying to bargain a better deal with Mr. Man
It was the annual neighborhood garage sale on Saturday morning. Mr. Man and I had thoroughly cleaned out the house in preparation. During the last hour the kids joined us outside, and after putting Buzz Lightyear and Roller Hand back into the house 4 different times during the hour, somehow... Roller Hand went missing. I would like to think that she was taken by accident and not swiped somehow, because I'd like to have more faith in humanity.

The kids at the garage sale prior to "the incident"

The next two hours were spent tearing the house apart looking for Roller Hand, while AK wandered around in tears saying "Baby Roller Hand where are you?". We gave up after exhausting every possible option. The next hour we poured through birthday pictures from AK's first birthday, enlarging, zooming, in an attempt to try and read the label on Roller Hand's box. Then an internet search for every available retailer of that brand. Original Roller Hand was discontinued replaced by version 2.0 which includes a mouth that accomadates a pacifier. I never in my life thought that I would feel that much panic and desperation over a toy!

Mr. Man and I tried to break the bad news to AK, "Roller Hand is gone, would you like a new baby?" Her answer was No.... repeatedly. So, we decided to take her to get the new baby, and see if picking it out would help. She insisted on carrying the enormous box through the whole store, on the way home, and into the house.
After she had acquainted herself with the new baby, she only asked for her other baby one other time. Later that evening we asked AK, "What is your baby's name?" and she looked long and hard at the new baby and said... "Baby Roller Hand". Welcome Baby Roller Hand 2.0 to our family, and God Speed the Original Roller Hand.
AK with Roller Hand 2.0... notice the new baby's clothes are already taken off. All is Well. Phew!


Tammy said...

what a priceless moment in time! ak will love that story in 20 years. i believe that you were inspired by your previous post. i read it to my mom and sisters and we each had a moment to reflect on our own "roller hand" baby moments...thanks!

stacy said...

I am so sad over the loss of Baby Roller Hand. Will a trip to Chuck E. Cheese fix it?

Cimblog (tm) said...

Um...could Mr. Man have gotten out of his jammies for the event?

laura said...

NO!! not baby roller hand!! oh, the humanity!!

where have i heard this story before?!?! it's like a live action toy story II! ;)