Monday, June 23, 2008

First Day of Summer Cap

Normally, I feel like I'm herding cats trying to get out the door. Some people have blissful dreams of handsome men or fabulous vacations while they sleep, I have blissful dreams that we walk out of a tidy house without a last minute mess being made, 3000 carseat straps to buckle, and I carry nothing more than a dainty handbag.

Today, is the first day of summer day camp. I said, "Au Revoir, let's go!" I had hoped to get a picture before we left, but these guys were GONE! I mean GONE!! In the car, buckled, and they carried their own stuff. Let's just pause for a moment to give thanks for the miracle that took place. I left the house carrying JUST my briefcase. I didn't have to threaten anyone, clean up a mess, or drag a defiant child out to the car. These kids were crazy excited to go to day camp.
This girl was ridiculously excited, to the point where she it's obvious that she is just trying to appease me. When I said goodbye to her, she practically pushed me away. Every morning, when we drop Mr. Boy at school, AK would run into the Red Room and join their circle time. She would run in, sit down and try to blend in. She would hope that no one would notice and we'd accidentally leave her there. Thank goodness for summer camp now, she can go to school too!!

When I picked these guys up today, AK was so upset to see me. She went into full on "I'm still 2 and can throw a tantrum like NO ONE ELSE on the planet." She used her best tantrum tactics... first she applied
- The runaway and hide in the most awkward spot on the planet for mom to pull me out of.
- Then kick and scream and grab onto the door with a deathgrip with the strength of 10 elephants
-Last but not least after I pried her fingers off the door, she did my personal favorite.... the crocodile deathroll.

Bottom line: I feel zero guilt having them go to summer camp.


Steph said...

I can't tell you how NOT alone you are in your last couple of posts. You and i have the same wishes and dreams, as do our children have the same annoyingly independent behaviors. Maybe being a working mom gives us that in common (among other things :)) I love those days we spend ALL day at Wild Rivers or D-land, but I only appreciate them so much because they've been at school all week. It's all about balance, baby. You get the good-mom-of-the-week award in my book!!

Cimblog (tm) said...

OH OH OH...I love the 'gator roll! That's a classic!

christina said...

I think it is lovely that our babies want to go to school because they so love their older bro/sis.

Way to stay strong against tantrums. I get "stomping feet" and "scream in ear."