Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's been declared... I'm the worst mom EVER!

Tonight's bedtime was less than smooth... see below.Boy: I want to color in my bed...
Moi: No sweetie, we don't color in our bed, I'll leave the crayons out for you in the morning...

Boy: *wailing... the tired "I've been staying up way too late... waking up early... and having really active busy fun filled days...swimming, playing at the beach, feeding ducks, going to Disneyland" wail

Moi: You'll feel better after some sleep, here's a book to read

Boy: You're the WORST MOM EVEEEEEER. You're mean, you're the WORST!!!

Moi: I'm sorry you feel that way

Boy: I was going to color you a beautiful rainbow dinosaur picture. It was going to be a blue Tyrannosaurus Rex, because blue is your favorite, with a Rainbow. Rainbows are hard to draw, but I was going to do it

Moi: Ooo that sounds pretty, you can draw it tomorrow.

Boy: *unintelligible words muffled by sobs*

Moi: Good Night

Boy: *screaming at the top of his lungs* YOU'RE THE WORST MOM EVEEEEEEEEEEER!


Cindy said...

Yay! You've totally arrived! (Scooting over on the bad mom bench to make room for my friend Wendy.)

stacy said...

Welcome to the club. I believe moments like these happen to reinforce that we're doing the right thing. How lovely for you!

laura said...

i love this story! :)

Kerry said...

Oh my gosh!! Thank goodness for blogs because that is one story you can't forget!

Dinosaurs AND rainbows?? Wow, you missed out. And you are SO mean! Disneyland?? What sort of summertime torture is going on over there!?

Cimblog (tm) said...

Where's the part about "Auntie Ciiiiiiiiim would let me cooooooolor" [sob]

CarrieB said...

Awwww.....what a sweet post!